What comprises a stick of cigarette?

Are you curious about the things inside your smoking stick? Do you want to know more about the composition of this thing? Generally, people will answer yes because who wouldn’t want to know the materials of the one they have been vaping on. Consider that you are in a grocery store and you are looking for the whole nutrient contents of every product you buy, the important thing that you will do is to choose what the best for your need is. Just like the habit of smoking, it is integral to know what comprises a cigarette.

Dried Leaves of Tobacco

Most of the people are very familiar with tobacco since it is the one that has been mentioned in thousands of commercials of cigarette brands around the world. The tobacco are usually dried and cut into small pieces which contains psychoactive chemicals that make it very addictive. This is also a factor to the growing population of smoker around the globe. But this article reminds all of the reader that nicotine can be a simple chemical from the looks of it but is very harmful when taken inside the body.

Flavoring agents

Tobacco is not the only ingredient of the smoking stick because there are hundreds of additives that are mixed with it. The purpose of these materials is to add up some flavor as well as enhancing the quality of the product. These enhancers can be considered safe when they are not yet burned or lighted up but once they do, they will be very lethal in a gradual mode. The physical state of the additives when changed into another or advanced state will be more harmful than people could ever imagine. To give you some idea, here are the samples.


It has the characteristics of being colorless, mobile and flammable which is somehow dangerous when connected with fire as usual. It can be found in cuticle removers as well as paint thinning agents and shouldn’t be associated with food.


This is commonly found in commercialized cleaning products that is colorless and possesses pungent or irritating odor which can lead to certain complications when intake by humans.


This common metalloid is found in alloys as well as semiconductor materials. It is also present in certain poison for rats which means that it is very lethal in terms of human consumption.


It is a chemical that can be found in batteries as well as radiation shield. It is a type of chemical that should not be taken by humans and even animals because of the effects and dangers it can bring to the body.


If there is one famous purpose of formaldehyde, it would be the embalming fluid or the preservation agent that is applied in the body of a dead person.

Knowing what comprises a cigarette is like having the realization for individuals who are deciding to engage in smoking as well as the smokers themselves to eventually decide to reduce the frequency and gradually stop the habit for good.


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