Are Diamond Rings on Ebay Real?

Diamond Rings on EbayEbay is one hell of a company. They have grown so quickly they’re giving behemoth’s like amazon a run for their money. And they sell diamond rings! Well, technically Ebay doesn’t sell anything. But there are sellers on Ebay who sell pretty much everything.

And that’s where the answer to the question becomes interesting. It’s yes, and also maybe no. Since Ebay is a community of private sellers offering products on the internet in a potentially anonymous way, you have to be careful about buying big ticket items like diamonds.

So the next time you’re shopping on ebay for a diamond ring, keep a few things in mind.

Don’t Buy Blindly

As with anything, make sure you know exactly what you’re buying and who you’re buying it with. Don’t blindly trust any store and make sure you’re doing your due diligence.

You can be a little less strict in this regard if you’re on the page of a major brand. If you’ve heard of them and know they are a larger or more established seller you’re probably pretty safe.

Know Your Seller

The great thing about E-bay is that they allow you to see seller feedback. It’s always a good idea to check out the other buyers’ feedback and also the overall feedback score of any diamond seller on Ebay.

But be aware, as great as E-Bay’s security features are, it’s still possible to run into a seller that looks legit, but is not.

Know The Product

You also want to be sure that you’re getting a good diamond. This can be difficult, but make sure the pictures you’re looking at are REAL pictures on the diamond ring, and not some stock photograph.

Also find out what kind of certification you get. You want to be sure you’re not getting a conflict diamond or a fake stone.

Final Thoughts

For the reasons above, it’s honestly not the best idea to buy a diamond ring from E-Bay. As good as the site has become at weeding out the bad sellers, it’s still a marketplace with several different sellers.

It’s impossible to know for sure if you’re dealing with someone you can trust. That’s why you should look for a legitimate diamond ring store to buy from. It may be a bit more expensive, but at least you can be sure you won’t get ripped off since you’re dealing with a large brand.

Have you had an experience buying from E-Bay? Leave your story in the comments below!

Pros and Cons of Private Health Insurance

While the NHS provides free health care to most UK residents, some individuals choose to look into other options when it comes to a healthcare plan that is right for them and their family. If you are wondering if a private health care plan might better suit your needs, you should know that there are many important factors to remember. To make your decision a bit easier, we have compiled a list of Pros and Cons to consider before signing your note on the dotted line.

It is worth noting that as with any health care plan, the level of coverage you receive from your private medical health insurance will be dependent on the type of policy you purchase.


Specialist Referrals Want a second opinion? Are you in need of specialist treatment? With private health insurance, you can request that your GP refer you to a reputable expert or specialist.

Access to Scans The NHS sometimes delays scans, and in some cases, refuses them. Individuals with private health insurance can use their cover to pay for the scans they need.

Minimize Waiting Time Individuals can use their private insurance to minimize their wait time for NHS treatment if the wait time exceeds six weeks.

Your Choice of Surgeon and Hospital Unlike NHS healthcare, private insurance holders are entitled (theoretically) to a surgeon and hospital that best suits the patient’s time and location.

Private Rooms If treatment in an open ward full of mixed-sex patients doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, use your insurance to secure a private room where you can rest, separate from others.

Access to Specialty Drugs and Treatments Many drugs and/or treatments are not covered by the NHS, due to being either too expensive or because they lack the approval of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence in England and Wales (NICE) or the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC). Private health insurance provides patients with access to some of these specialist drugs and treatments.

Physiotherapy Access to physiotherapy sessions is much quicker for those with private health insurance compared to those who receive NHS treatment.


Questionable Quality This isn’t to say you won’t or can’t find a quality private health insurance policy, but the NHS is known to provide excellent and priority treatment for patients who have a serious illness, such as cancer, stroke, or heart disease. The quality of NHS hospitals can be as high, if not higher, than private hospitals.

Expensive Policies Currently, the cost of a typical family premium (consisting of two 40-year old adults and 2 children under 10) varies between £700 to £1,650 per year. Premiums increase each year, and as you age, meaning that by the time you are old and more inclined to need hospital treatment, the cost may be more than you can afford.

Chronic Illnesses May Not Be Covered Certain incurable and chronic diseases, such as diabetes and some types of cancer, are not covered by most insurance policies.

Limited Options for Local Treatment If the policy you choose comes with an approved list of consultants and hospitals, the expert consultant or convenient location that you prefer to receive treatment may not be included.

The Advantages of Gold Bullion IRAs

The term ‘gold bullion’ refers to refined and stamped gold, be it in form of bars, ingots or coins. Unlike numismatic gold, gold bullion is more influenced by the spot price of gold at the world’s market price. Overtime, they have become quite popular investment vehicles throughout the world. While bonds, insurance, stock and even paper money can reduce to a zero value, stamped and refined gold has defined all odds and stood the test of time.

For thousands of years, their intrinsic value at the market place has remained more or less the same. Unlike other assets, economic downturns, social unrest, inflation, wars and other economic uncertainties do not adversely affect their intrinsic value. Ironically, their values tend to increase in rocky financial times. In such times, they prove invaluable helping investors maintain the asset value. Most federal banks alike use them as reserves for economic stabilization.

Additionally, gold bullion are highly liquid. This means that they can quickly be converted into cash and the market place. When prices increase due to speculation, you can quickly sell them and make profitS. High liquidity and certainty makes them one of investors’ most preferred investment vehicles.

Basically, there are numerous online and offline dealers to trade with. You have the option of trading in person either with an accredited local dealer or a reputable online broker. while all guarantee your privacy, online brokers can give you useful insights and resources about the market performance, which can be instrumental in helping you minimize risks and maximize the profits.

Their prices usually higher than the normal prices as there is a premium included for refining. The pure it is, the most expensive it gets. Though it can be hard to tell it’s purity by looking at them, the pure forms are usually lighter than impure forms. The latter has other metals adding to its weight. To really buy gold you should look for a gold ira company. If you want, you can read a regal assets review at

It is important that you establish which kind of bullion is popular with the local investors. Always go for the most popular. Additionally, you might also inquire about the premium and whether it varies with bulk purchase. It is important to also note that, their prices largely depend with the economic health. Though the prices may be high in uncertain times, when the economy is healthy, the prices are relatively low and you should thus buy in such times.

Owing to high demand, the number of cons are on the rise. Don’t be fooled that any gold out there is gold bullion. Jeweleries and other items of gold are essentially not bullion. To avoid falling in the hands of scams, it is important to get a background check and trade only with accredited and reputable dealers. That does not necessarily generalize all unestablished dealers as cons. There are many genuine upcoming dealers both online and offline. Offline, you can get them at pawn shops, antique stores and even in flea markets. There are also companies that offer a 401k rollover to gold.

When unsure of a deal, it is always prudent to consult your financial adviser. Basically, you can differentiate gold bullion from any other gold out there as they come with imprints stamped with serial number/manufacturer, weight and purity. To be safe, always go for 90 percent of gold and higher. Once you buy it, you can store it safely in your home safe or with a trusted bank. For security purposes, it is advisable to store with your bank. However, always take possession of your gold bullion. Never allow the seller to store for you.

Running and Slimming Down Can Cause Some Slip Ups

Summer season is the ideal period to begin a running plan. With the bright sun, there is merely no reason at all to not braid up your shoes and strike the track. Prior to beginning; find out the errors all inexperienced runner creates. Moreover, avoid them. Try to get more work in while dieting too so you can actually lose some weight. I haven’t tried the venus factor, but I always wonder things.

I wonder… does the venus factor program really work?

So instead of using the venus factor program i decided to start running instead. But I still want a good nutrition program.

Beginning quite accelerated

The most typical error new jogger make is heading out too much, too quickly. By not alleviating into it, you become tired much quicker than anticipated, and the tail end of your run turns into a wind sucking program.

The secret is pacing you; running is a recreation in which development is particularly sluggish and steady. When you are running outside, getting a pacing application can help you keep an eye on your rate. Begin at an average rate, and the slow boost for the duration of your run.

Establishing impractical objectives

It is simple to get involved in what others are performing and attempt to coordinate with them, particularly regarding running. However, bear in mind, the only individual you should be contending on is you. It is all right even suggested to begin with a much minor objective, such as running a kilometer.

To remedy to error is to begin with a practical plan that will assist you establish the energy and stamina to achieve your running objective. For instance, start with a run or walk plan that enables you to take rests around every set of running.

Putting on the incorrect footwear

Possibly you have known this one earlier. However, it is worth reiterating. You may presume considering your base feel all right, and you are failing to get sores, you are in the clear. However, terribly suitable footwear can trigger a variety of astonishing issues such as foot discomfort, hip soreness, even shoulder pain, and so forth.

Hard is to sidestep this from the beginning. Reach your nearby running shop and have them match you for the right footwear. They will consider your pace and notice what locations of your feet undertake the most force while you walk and run. I will also keep an eye on the venus factor and see if it’s worth it.

What comprises a stick of cigarette?

Are you curious about the things inside your smoking stick? Do you want to know more about the composition of this thing? Generally, people will answer yes because who wouldn’t want to know the materials of the one they have been vaping on. Consider that you are in a grocery store and you are looking for the whole nutrient contents of every product you buy, the important thing that you will do is to choose what the best for your need is. Just like the habit of smoking, it is integral to know what comprises a cigarette.

Dried Leaves of Tobacco

Most of the people are very familiar with tobacco since it is the one that has been mentioned in thousands of commercials of cigarette brands around the world. The tobacco are usually dried and cut into small pieces which contains psychoactive chemicals that make it very addictive. This is also a factor to the growing population of smoker around the globe. But this article reminds all of the reader that nicotine can be a simple chemical from the looks of it but is very harmful when taken inside the body.

Flavoring agents

Tobacco is not the only ingredient of the smoking stick because there are hundreds of additives that are mixed with it. The purpose of these materials is to add up some flavor as well as enhancing the quality of the product. These enhancers can be considered safe when they are not yet burned or lighted up but once they do, they will be very lethal in a gradual mode. The physical state of the additives when changed into another or advanced state will be more harmful than people could ever imagine. To give you some idea, here are the samples.


It has the characteristics of being colorless, mobile and flammable which is somehow dangerous when connected with fire as usual. It can be found in cuticle removers as well as paint thinning agents and shouldn’t be associated with food.


This is commonly found in commercialized cleaning products that is colorless and possesses pungent or irritating odor which can lead to certain complications when intake by humans.


This common metalloid is found in alloys as well as semiconductor materials. It is also present in certain poison for rats which means that it is very lethal in terms of human consumption.


It is a chemical that can be found in batteries as well as radiation shield. It is a type of chemical that should not be taken by humans and even animals because of the effects and dangers it can bring to the body.


If there is one famous purpose of formaldehyde, it would be the embalming fluid or the preservation agent that is applied in the body of a dead person.

Knowing what comprises a cigarette is like having the realization for individuals who are deciding to engage in smoking as well as the smokers themselves to eventually decide to reduce the frequency and gradually stop the habit for good.